AI Contributors

Dear, contributor!
Please, find the list of simple steps how to wrap your Neural Network and be able to sell it on our AI Marketplace


Prepare working environment (if you have’nt do this yet):

python3 -m venv env
source env/bin/activate

Install the latest Cookiecutter if you haven’t installed it yet (this requires Cookiecutter 1.4.0 or higher):

pip install -U cookiecutter

Clone a cookiecutter-neuromarket-model project:

git clone

Generate a Python package project:

cookiecutter <path_to_project>


  • Install the dev requirements into a virtualenv. (pip install -r requirements_dev.txt)
  • Add a requirements.txt file that specifies the packages you will need for your project and their versions. For more info see the `pip docs for requirements files`_.
  • Use requirements-cpu.txt and requirements-cuda.txt files to specify CPU and CUDA specific the packages you will need for your project and their versions (i.e. onnxruntime and onnxruntime-gpu).
  • Wrap your AI assets into Model following guideline in the code
  • Create CLI and Demo API for your project
  • Build distributable whl files with the command:make dist
  • Zip and share with us your *.whl and *.zip file and we will publish it in

For more details, see the cookiecutter-pypackage tutorial.