Gun detection RGB-IR-FLIR

We detect any type of gun on video stream in real time with high accuracy.
The double power of infrared imaging in one gun detection model.

Impeccably detect all known gun types in real-time on video streams. Get both IR short wavelength and FLIR middle and long (thermal) wavelength imaging and see concealed and visible guns in RGB display.

With the GD model, you can accurately detect in real-time all known gun types on a live stream video, get a thermogram of the scene that has to be scanned for guns or display concealed guns by pointing at a target area. It can be successfully used for CWD concealed weapon detection in advanced Threat detection platforms.

The FLIR Feature

With the FLIR (forward-looking infrared) feature of GD, you can spot concealed guns on spacious areas within the FOV (field of view) of the camera lens. It gives you the readings for each pixel of the entire thermal image and allows you to visualize the whole scene that undergoes gun check-ups. The RGB colors of the image depend on the intensity of the thermal emission.

Passive thermal FLIR imaging of GD uses the middle or long wavelength of the infrared spectrum and accurately reads differences in heat. GD has a high sensitivity that allows for the highest precision of gun detection.

The IR Feature

The IR (infrared) feature of GD allows you to check target areas for concealed guns. It gives you an RGB image of a gun in a single spot that you point it on. Active IR imaging of GD uses a short wavelength of infrared spectrum to illuminate the area.

You can use this GD model for:

  1. Walk-though concealed gun detection
  2. In-vehicle concealed gun detection
  3. Visible gun detection
  4. Pointed inspection of target areas for concealed guns
  5. Gun detection thermogram of buildings, wooded areas, or water
  6. Gun detection at night time or bad visioning
  7. Gun measurement and diagnostics
  8. Threat detection platforms
  9. Gun detection video analytics
  10. Gun detection for aircraft transportation companies, police, surveillance, State border service, Army, government facilities, educational, religious, and medical organizations

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