Computer Vision by EntroPI

EntroPI AI is an Artificial Intelligence service company created in 2019 with HQ in Kyiv and Gothenburg Sweden. Main area of expertise and activity is Computer Vision with a variety of specific applications from Autonomous Driving and Robotics to Security.

Service description

  • Visual odometry and SLAM for automotive and robotics
  • Sensor fusion for automotive
  • 3D environment reconstruction for automotive and robotics
  • Image processing for optical physics and medicine
  • Machine vision for industry
  • Predictive maintenance, materials degradation and defects recognition
  • Action recognition, object detection and tracking for Video Surveillance

Company description

Company consists of experts coming from various backgrounds including Applied Math, Neuroscience and Computer Science. All experts have more than 10 years of experience with both big and small scale projects in a portfolio, both R&D and production.

Company is oriented towards consulting and AI enhancement for both companies who want to broaden their possibilities with AI, and startups who are searching for new horizonts unreacheable without aid of AI – either analytical or machine learning.

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