People Age and Gender Recognition


Increase your platform’s efficiency with a ready-made age and gender recognition model

With this PAGR DL model, you can flawlessly recognize the age and gender of people on your cameras and photo stocks. Factual client data is the best basis for many solutions, analytics, and decision-making

Product Overview

The PAGR model can recognize the age and gender of people of all races, nationalities, body types, and face variations affected by emotions and diseases. It must be fed with images for recognition.


You can best use this model:

  • in retail marketing for customer base analysis, providing images from cameras on the floor
  • in numerous mobile applications that involve (user) facial recognition
  • in government mobile applications for user authentication
  • in physiological studies
  • in police software

Installation and Use

  1. download project / library
  2. Install library `python install`

Python interface

import sys
from utils import ROOT
from model import Model
import cv2

def main():
    test_image_path = str(ROOT / ‘tests/old man.jpeg’)
    image = cv2.imread(test_image_path)

    # input array of faces
    model = Model()
    result = model.process_sample(image)
    return result


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