Russian reparations are coming

From the very beginning of the Russian invasion on the night of February 24th Ukraine started to burn. This was the time when the REPARATIONS counter was started. The list of Ukrainian cities and airports were under strong bombing by Russian flying rockets and aviation. 

The main trigger for our team was full destruction of Mariupil’, so we initiated the Ukraine reconstruction map project. Our ambition is to automatically consolidate all destruction data on the interactive map: buildings, infrastructure, agriculture, nature and unfortunately, mass people graveyards.

We process satellite photos with the neural networks pipeline examining each building before invasion and nowadays. Then our system classifies the damage following the guideline: no visible, minor, major and destroyed damage. Automated calcification we transform to geojson format and upload to the interactive map. 

Our mission is to build the toolchain which gives to the Ukrainian government all required and valid data about the full picture of destruction we have right now and, unfortunately, will have during this war. Now we have pictures only from Mariupil’, but the next step in our journey is to cover all Ukraine and give you a full transparent picture of the damage and use it for RECONSTRUCTION purposes. Each Ukrainian should have support and visibility for our homes rebuilding process and costs traising: reparations, investments, suppliers, reports.

I am proud to accept this challenge with our brave team of volunteers, thank you all for your efforts:

  • Oleksandr Kornienko – CTO NeuroMarket, АІ architect, technical geek
  • Oleksiy Domanskiy – COO TVIS-INFO, geodata processing professional
  • Oleksyi Marchuk – Automation QA Engineer at Transcenda, maps expert
  • Oleksii Kolychev – DevOps, Infrastructure engineer at SQUAD  
  • Denys Kravchuk – Front End Lead, UI engineer
  • Oleksiy Oliynyk – ML engineer, maps data specialist
  • Valeriia Solomkina – Marketing Consultant, strategic expert
  • Vadym Ovcharuk – Data Annotation, Junior DevOps
  • Irina Monko – Data Annotation, Student at Taras Shevchenko National University
  • Andrii Moskalenko – Data Annotation, Entrepreneur

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September 11, 2022

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